ToucanStar is a web solutions company. This means we deliver websites end-to-end, and do so by focusing on our core strengths and competencies.

Rather than pushing you to buy a product or service we want to sell, we help you find the right solution for you and help to implement this solution.

We look at your business, the industry it is in, your customers and of course what it is that you are looking for. 

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    Get automated and integrated with IFTTT

    Automation is no longer just for robots and integration is no longer just for developers. There are now several services which enable anyone (who can use a website) to implement their own information workflows. For example, a new contact is created in my accounting software when I create a contact in my project management software, or vice-versa. But there are many amazing uses beyond just that. As well as connecting websites, you can also connect from and to many other web accessible tools and devices that you use e.g. for productivity, accounting, time tracking and even the light bulbs and heating in your house! The time that 'everything is connected' is becoming more and more a reality. 

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What our clients say

Here are some of the feedback we have had from our clients. We can also provide referrals if you like, just ask!

A fantastic service, friendly, innovative and helpful when I needed it and at times that suited me.

They knew how to take my business and make a site that reflected what we are. I would recommend them to anyone! 

Steve Curphey
Ballamoar Campsite

The team at ToucanStar  is dedicated, hardworking, passionate and fun. They bring great vision to the table and take your ideas steps further. 

If you are looking for awesome web developers don't look any further. 

Anahita Azrahimi
Visual Artist

ToucanStar have been extremely helpful in realizing the new website of Hamlin Fistula Nederland. They are professional in their work, client-oriented and flexible.

Furthermore a promise is a promise. You don't have to sit and wonder why the website is not operational on the date you agreed on. Not only is it operational but it is exactly the website you were keen on.

Annelies Barendrecht
Chair Hamlin Fistula Netherlands