We are not resellers of specific technologies, which gives us the flexibility to analyse and evaluate your needs and find the most appropriate solution. We pride ourselves on being creative and open minded in resolving any technical barriers you may have along the way. We will also aim to integrate your existing technologies rather than having to start all over (although that is no problem if preferred!).

With a dedicated Project Manager who is committed to making sure the project is on time, on budget and delivered to schedule, you have a lot less to worry about. We will request what we need, when we need it and maintain contact throughout the process.


websites icon Websites

Making awesome websites is one of ToucanStar’s core services. website process

There are few things more diverse than a website, so before kicking off the design phase, we will be doing our research, followed by our brainstorming and ideas session with you. We will listen to what it is that you need, share ideas, but also be honest with you if we think there are better ways of doing something. This 2-way dialogue does not end – we find it extremely important to keep this going not only for the duration of the project, but after the project launch too.

Have a look at the diagram on the right that shows what a website project, at high-level, usually entails. Depending on the size and type of website this will vary, but it should give a very good indication. Key for us, and what makes ToucanStar different from other website designers/developers, is our flexibility and the agile way we work.

The diagram does not have a timeframe, because this will be different for each project. We are used to working to deadlines and will work towards an agreed deadline of initial website launch. We help with prioritising functionality and key objectives, and aim to work together as partners rather than as a traditional ‘client/supplier’ divide. 


CTO Services

CTO Services

ToucanStar's CTO biedt diensten die toegang geven tot de kennis en ervaring van een CTO zonder daar een permanente werknemer voor aan te hoeven nemen.

Het kan een lastige taak zijn om je ‘online’ bedrijf in tandem te runnen met je ‘offline’ bedrijf. Hoe kunnen bepaalde programma’s met elkaar communiceren, zodat er geen grote administratieve taak ontstaat bijvoorbeeld. Hierover is niet altijd voldoende kennis in huis, en het is vaak ook niet bevoordelijk om afhankelijk te zijn van de informatie die leveranciers verstrekken, met name omdat zij geen overzicht hebben van je hele bedrijf. Zij kunnen wel specifieke problemen helpen oplossen, maar het ontbreekt aan een zogeheten helicopter view.  

Onze CTO diensten springen hier op in. We kunnen op doorlopende of eenmalig advies geven wat betreft zakelijke beslissingen op technisch gebied:

  •          Welke technologie is het meest geschikt voor mijn website?
  •          Hoe kan ik beter gebruik maken van de technologien die ik al heb?
  •          Hoe kan ik mijn IT budget het best besteden?

We kunnen het gekozen IT traject ook begeleiden en de communicatie met een 3e partij op ons nemen. Daarnaast kunnen we het extra paar ogen zijn voor dagelijkse IT beslissingen die genomen moeten worden. 


undefined Rescue Missions

 ToucanStar to the Rescue!
Not necessarily by choice, but 'rescue mission' projects have become a specialty of ToucanStar in the past couple of years.

Projects go wrong for a number of reasons: lack of communication, lack of scoping/specifying the project, lack of honesty regarding resources or technical knowledge. We are not saying we're perfect, but we do pride ourselves on being open and honest.

We have successfully taken over numerous projects that had either come to a dead end, were not going to make agreed deadlines or simply did not function technically as they were supposed to. We are calling these projects 'rescue missions' because we have taken over the project without starting over. We have looked at where things had gone wrong, and redirected the project from there. In this way, we have been able to save lots of time and money that would have been required if starting from scratch. The clients that we have done these rescue missions for are still our clients today.